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I recently shared an Instagram post about thinking of your email newsletters more like personal greeting cards to your friends. It seemed like a standard, run-of-the-mill post, but as with most posts I’m sharing these days, feelings of vulnerability came up. Who am I to talk about online marketing?

There are SOOOO many online marketers out there — and almost all of them have a different idea of what works. I understand wanting to stay informed with where marketing practices are going, but let me tell you the one thing that I know to be true 100% of the time when it comes to growing a business online:

The only thing that truly matters in your online marketing efforts is YOU.

It doesn’t matter where or how or when you’re showing up — the only thing that matters is that you show upĀ consistently.

YOU are the one that people will want to work with — whether you’re writing to your email list with one person in mind or you’re thinking of spreading your message to a list of 100,000.

YOU are the one that people want to read what you’ve written (or what someone has ghost written on your behalf) — whether that’s 20 impactful words or 20,000 impactful words.

YOU are the one that people will follow on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat or LinkedIn or wherever it is that you and your audience want to be.

99% of that online marketing stuff is gobbledygook. There’s no one right way to make yourself Internet famous…and if that is your ultimate goal, you have your own unique path of getting there.

Do you need Facebook ads? Probably.

Do you need an email list? Probably.

Do you need a social media presence? Probably.

But all of that is up to you. The most important thing is that you meet your tribe where they’re at — and where you’re at — and you love the heck out of them. When they can see the real you, that’s when they’ll start converting…but the digital methods you use to get their attention are really irrelevant. 

So just do you, boo.

I think you’re pretty amazing online — and off.