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thrive during times of high stress.

Now don’t get me wrong, I whine and complain about it every step of the way (trying to work on that), but my Mercury in Gemini loves the go-go-go-gotta-get-things-done rush that stress brings out of me. 

In my years working at the National Speakers Association, our small staff would be crazy-pants for the month or two leading up to the annual 1500+ attendees convention. Nowadays, I can hardly keep my head above my inbox waters, as I launch client projects and online programs and throw in 10+ hours of meetings each week. And being an entrepreneur brings a new “fun” level of stress as I’m constantly thinking about how I can grow my business and make my clients ridiculously happy.

I’m in an exceptionally busy season right now (planning a wedding doesn’t help!), but I realized that I’ve learned a few things in my time of cranking things out and taking names.

If you’re in a busy time right now, here’s some unsolicited advice:

  • Make sure you’re taking time for YOU. My self-care weapons of choice include yoga, reading, scrapbooking, and lots of lots of baths. Know what works best for you so you know right what to do the moment you start feeling overwhelmed.
  • Create — and repeat often — affirmations. Instead of crying “I’m so stressed,” change up your affirmations, even if it feels like you’re making it up. Here are some of mine: I am doing my best at all times. Everything is happening with perfect timing. I handle difficult situations with ease. Set alarms on your phone for different times throughout the day with your affirmation as the Alarm title. When it goes off, read it to yourself and take a few deep breaths before getting back to work.
  • Go for a walk. I was gifted a Fitbit for Christmas (thanks Douglas!), and it has been just the motivation I needed to get up and get moving. It buzzes and reminds me every hour to get 250 steps in, and is a nice motivator to get out of the house so I can get to my daily step goal. Even if you don’t have a Fitbit, schedule time on your calendar to take breaks and get outside.

    I also really love doing walking meditations. I do this by focusing on one sense at a time as I walk: how do my fingertips feel? What do I smell? How does my mouth taste? Close my eyes and feel how it feels to have my feet hitting the pavement. What sounds do I hear around me? Etc.
  • Have an end in sight. I tell ya, some days, the only thing getting me through the stress is knowing that I get to spend a full week on the beach with my future hubby at the end of May. Plan a good chunk of time (read: a week, at least) at the end of your really-busy season, with the promise of tuning completely out for that time. 

How’s your relationship to stress? What do you do to unwind at the end of a busy week?

I hope your week this week wasn’t too busy, and I hope you have a weekend full of unwinding.

Sending you love and relaxation,