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Hey there! I’m

Carrie And

(Also known as Carrie Morley Anderson)

I’m a Content Marketer & Creator with a passion for helping women find meaning in their everyday lives.

I’m obsessed with journaling, working from home, essential oils, finding the perfect vanilla latte (with almond milk), and my ridiculously cute baby (just to name a few things).

I’m living proof that yes, you really can have it all.

there’s something about carrie

About Me

When I was nine, I had my first work published in the Arizona Republic: a letter to the editor I had written as part of a class project. Ever since seeing my name in print, I’ve been hooked on sharing my words with the world.

When the Internet came around and I could be published online with the click of a mouse, I dove into creating and sharing content as a way to connect with others, and haven’t looked back.

Starting my online business in 2015 (as a Virtual Assistant, which quickly turned into writing copy for some of today’s most popular thought leaders) catapulted me into the joy-full life I’m living today.

Being able to create my own schedule, call my own shots, and work from home while wearing yoga pants allowed me to step into my truest self, and shortly after making the leap to online business owner, every other piece of my life fell into place. I’ve found true happiness on this side of the computer screen.

I live in Mesa, Arizona, USA, with my husband Andrew, 10-year-old stepson Aaron, baby boy Emmett, and our poodle pup Abbey.

I’m Obsessed With…

Writing & Journaling

My online blog is a place where I share tips on everything from marketing to working from home to insights of my day-to-day life.

Working From Home

After 5+ years of working from home, I don’t ever see myself returning to the cubicle life. I’ve got some things to share about it…

Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils are 100% pure, therapeutic oils that can help improve your quality of life in SO many ways.

Carrie has the work ethic every business owner longs for. A self-starter, with a follow through style that means you never have to look back, all the computer skills that assure you you are covered, and an attitude that has endeared me to her forevermore.


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